01.Select Your Candidates and Appoint Officers

You may invite students who meet minimum academic and music standards to join your Tri-M chapter. They should also display leadership and service qualities and be of good character. All music students should be made aware of these criteria and of the selection process in general.

02.Hold Your Chapter Induction Ceremony

A great way to connect with other Tri-M students and create a strong foundation for your chapter is to invite a nearby established chapter to perform at your induction ceremony.

03.Hold Your First Chapter Meeting

As with any good organization, there are a few rules, procedures, and guidelines to keep everyone singing off the same songsheet. By all means, customize your chapter guidelines to reflect your school’s unique situation and opportunities, but in general, a Tri-M chapter in San Diego, CA should resemble a Tri-M chapter in Lincoln, NE, Melbourne, FL, or overseas.

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Promote Your Chapter

To spread the word about your newly established Tri-M chapter, simply download, print out, and put this flyer up around your school.

Download the Flyer (PDF)

Create Your Chapter Website

Create your own Tri-M chapter website and spread the word about meetings, performances, and community service projects. Not only will you keep your members informed, but if you add it to the Tri-M chapter list, you could inspire members across the country or around the world.

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Follow Tri-M on Facebook

See what the Society has been up to or follow individual school chapters.

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Join the Student Facebook Group

Join the Tri-M Students Facebook Group and see what your fellow music lovers are doing.

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Join the Advisor Facebook Group

Meet other committed and passionate Tri-M Music Honor Society Chapter Advisors and see what they’re up to. It’s a great group.

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Create Your Own Tri-M T-Shirt

The Tri-M Music Honor Society logo is a powerful icon. It represents passion, integrity, respect, commitment, and opportunity. We encourage you to use it, but please follow these simple guidelines when doing so.

Tri-M Logo Usage Guidelines

Send a Press Release

From musical performances to community service projects, your Tri-M chapter will do great things and bring honor to your school. Naturally you’ll want to tell people and get the recognition you deserve. Here’s how.

Learn the Tri-M Song

Learn the Tri-M loyalty song, Music Masters, Hail to Thee, and sing it loud and proud at every opportunity.

Tri-M Song Lyrics
Download Tri-M Song Audio (MIDI)

Webinar Series

This series of webinars and videos are designed to help you get your Tri-M chapter up and running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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