Induction Ceremony Template

Not all chapters find this script appropriate for the style of their membership, but it can serve
as an example to consider if an Induction Ceremony is presented. Instructions are in brackets.

Download the Induction Ceremony Template (PDF).

Chapter Advisor
[Rises and welcomes audience to ceremony. Introduces self, Chapter President, and all other
prominent individuals present at ceremony. Individuals rise when introduced. After introduction,
all are seated.]

Ladies, gentlemen, and fellow students, we welcome you to this important occasion. Today we will formally induct a number of students who have met the necessary Tri-M criteria and have accepted invitations to become active members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. We will also recognize the continuing members of our chapter and our graduating members as Alumni of Tri-M. At this time, I wish to introduce the student officers of our chapter. ________________ Is the Vice President, ________________ is the Secretary, ________________ is the Treasurer, and ________________ is the Historian.
[Each officer stands as his or her name is called. After the introduction, each officer sits.]
I will now ask , our Chapter Treasurer, to present the candidates for student membership.

These music students have been carefully selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Scholarship represents scholastic achievement and open-mindedness toward knowledge and truth. Character emphasizes a devotion to high ideals and recognizes no barriers between people of diverse backgrounds. Leadership guides us to greater undertakings, and service encourages assistance and kindness to others.

We will now describe the meaning of the name Tri-M for the candidates for student membership.
[Pauses while Vice President and Secretary rise.]
The name Tri-M was derived from the original name of our honor society, Modern Music Masters. The Vice President and Secretary will speak of the first letter M, which signifies “modern.”

Vice President
That which is new in any age is called modern. It is only in looking back that descriptions such as old, classical, or romantic are given to those art forms that had formerly been accepted as modern.

Let us remember that we should study the past to effectively plan our future. This is a youth organization, and with each succeeding year, its membership will be made up of young people such as you. Therefore, our honor society will never grow old, but will be eternally modern.
[Vice President and Secretary take their seats.]

The second letter M signifies “music.” The Treasurer and Historian will explain this second symbol.
[The Historian and Treasurer rise.]

According to The Random House Dictionary of the English Language, “Music is the art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.”

Music was present even before there was written language, and from that time to the present, it has been a source of communication. Music is the universal language.
[Treasurer and Historian take their seats.]

The third letter M signifies “masters.” In the art field, the custom has been to give the title of “master” to those who have achieved a high degree of proficiency.
[Looks at candidates.]
You have met the criteria as a Tri-M candidate for student membership. As “masters,” you now have increased your opportunities to serve your school and community. A member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society is one who sets a good example, is always willing to assist those students who are striving to better themselves in the music department, and always remembers that real honor brings responsibility. May you accept this honor of membership and the responsibility that is now vested in you, and wear your pin emblem with pride.
[Turns to Treasurer.]
Please explain the meaning of the Tri-M membership emblem.

[Rises and points to the Tri-M emblem, if available.]
The Tri-M emblem was designed to symbolize the function and purpose of the honor society. The music staff, the lyre, and the scroll represent the members' proficiency and service in the field of music. The triplet figure in the form of an M symbolizes the three Ms in the name Modern Music Masters, from which the society's name was derived.
[Junior division chapters add the following phrase: “The ‘Jr.' above the triplet figure designates
the Junior division of Tri-M”.]

[Rises and looks at the candidates.]
Will all the candidates for student membership please rise and repeat the pledge to show your
willingness to carry out the principles of the Tri-M Music Honor Society?
[Begin pledge.]
We, the members of the _________________ (school) music department,
[pause] in order to foster a greater continued interest
[pause] and a desire for excellence in music performance;
[pause] to encourage appreciation
[pause] and awareness in listening to music;
[pause] to promote wider opportunities for sharing joy through music
[pause] both within our school and within our community;
[pause] to advance the spirit of good music and musical knowledge;
[pause] and to enhance the reputation of our school
[pause] as a center for musical enrichment;
[pause] accept the honor now granted to us.
[End of pledge.]
It is my pleasure to present each of you with your Tri-M pin emblem and your membership card.

The following candidates for student membership have qualified to become new members of
the Tri-M Music Honor Society.
[Looks at the candidates for student membership.]
As your name is read, please come forward to receive your membership pin emblem and card
and then return to your seats.
[Reads the names of each candidate. Chapter Advisor presents the pin emblems, and the President or Treasurer presents the membership cards. The Secretary waits until each candidate has received his or her pin emblem and membership card before reading the next candidate's name.]

I now officially congratulate and welcome you as new members of Chapter ________ (number) of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. May you remember this occasion and strive to live up to the aims and ideals of this organization.
[New members return to their seats.]
I now ask our Chapter Advisor to come forward.

Chapter Advisor
[Rises and addresses new members.]
It is a pleasure to read the congratulatory message from the Tri-M Music Honor Society national
leadership to the new members of Chapter ________ (number).
Dear inductees, congratulations on your induction into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Your nomination for membership is based on your musicianship, academic qualification, and demonstrated leadership. You may take great pride in this achievement, which unites you with thousands of other student members throughout the world. As you were instructed during the presentation ceremony, “We should study the past to effectively prepare for our future.” With that thought in mind, you are now in the unique position of being able to pass on the “torch of your musical knowledge” to colleagues and future beneficiaries of musical arts. May you wear your Tri-M pin with pride and dignity as you continue to demonstrate the value of music in your life and share your gift with your school and community. Welcome to the Tri-M family.
[Pauses, and then, if applicable, looks at the continuing members.]
At this time, the continuing members of Chapter ________ (number) will be recognized for their dedicated service and for upholding the standards and ideals of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. We will now present certificates of continuing membership to the continuing student members of Chapter ________ (number). Will continuing student members please rise?
[Turns to Secretary.]

The following students will continue their membership in the Tri-M Music Honor Society and will
remain distinguished members of Chapter ________ (number). As your name is read, please rise and
come forward to receive your certificate of continuing membership.
[Secretary reads the names of each continuing member. The Chapter Advisor presents the
certificate to the continuing members. Secretary waits until the student has received his or
her certificate before going on to the next name.]

Chapter Advisor
I now officially congratulate and recognize you as continuing student members of Chapter ________ (number). You have supported the ideals and aspirations of the Tri-M Music Honor Society through your continued community service and participation in solo and ensemble performance at _________________ (school) and in our community.
The ceremony may continue with the following:

  1. Recognize new honorary members and Alumni Achievement recipients (if not previously mentioned).
  2. If the induction ceremony is part of a music department program, continue with the concert.
  3. If the induction ceremony is a separate event, continue with any student musical performances.
  4. Give names of performers and selections.
  5. Invite the audience to a reception given by the members of the chapter if one is planned.

On behalf of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, I want to thank our Chapter Advisor, _________________, the officers, and all who have made this induction ceremony such a great success. We also appreciate the attendance of parents and guests.