Chapter Advisor Requirements

As a member of the faculty or the principal at the school, the Chapter Advisor serves as the link between NAfME and the members of their chapter.

The Chapter Advisor is responsible for candidate selection. Chapter Advisors may coordinate a faculty committee to designate Tri-M student candidates, or they may make the selections alone. Chapter Advisors must provide a written description of selection procedure to all music students and parents. Member selection is a local decision. Selection concerns should be addressed by the local school administrator hierarchy.

A Chapter Advisor:

Chapter Advisor duties:

Membership Criteria


Candidates must be a member of those classes designated as eligible by the local
chapter. Candidates must have been in attendance at the school for the equivalent of one semester.

Membership Requirements

Tri-M member consideration should not be limited to any one segment of a music program (such as band, chorus, etc.). The following criteria may be included at the discretion of the Chapter Advisor:


Upon graduation, active members become alumni members. Alumni members will have no voice or vote in chapter affairs.

Honorary Members

Awarded by the Chapter Advisor in recognition of achievement and/or outstanding service to Tri-M Music Honor Society. Honorary members have no voice or vote in chapter affairs.