Sample Acceptance Form

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Section A: To Be Completed by Chapter Advisor

Return this completed form by __________ (date) to ____________________(Chapter Advisor)

Section B: To Be Completed by the Candidate for Membership

Name ______________________________________ Grade in School___________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

Member of: (Check all boxes that apply.)
___Band ___Orchestra ___Chorus ___Other __________________ (specify)

I understand that the minimum national criteria for Tri-M candidate consideration include: participation in a music class or ensemble at least one semester of this school year, a A grade or equivalent in music and a B grade or better overall, and continued character strength that includes demonstration of service, leadership, and cooperation. I agree to maintain these minimum national criteria, and any other criteria this chapter determines, and I understand that my membership can lapse if any of these criteria are not maintained. _______(student initials)

Are you considering teaching music as a career? ___Yes ___No

New Member Assignment: Each candidate for student membership is required to either:

  1. Perform an approved vocal or instrumental solo, duet, or perform in a larger ensemble before the fellow chapter members.
  2. Prepare an oral or written report on a musical topic in lieu of a performance.

As my new member assignment, I agree to: (Check the appropriate box.)
___Perform a solo -or- ___Perform in an ensemble (specify ensemble type)_________________

Title ____________________________________________________________________________

Composer ____________________________________________________________________________


Q Prepare an oral or written report

Musical Topic _________________________________________________________________

Sources _____________________________________________________________________

I understand my acceptance as a member of the Tri-M chapter at ________________________ (school) is subject to returning this form to the chapter advisor and completing the assignment I have chosen above.

Signature of Applicant


Signature of Parent

(retain for chapter records)