Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Many schools across the country have closed their doors to in-person learning and opportunities to connect with the student body. Communities have restricted access to some of our most popular service projects. We have provided a sample of school based and community based service ideas that are completely virtual, and cost little to nothing to perform.


Write a Letter

Locate a local elderly care facility or hospital, and volunteer to send cards/write letters. These members of our community are vulnerable to COVID-19 and may be isolated from their families. Developing a relationship with someone through cards and letters builds empathy for others, and you just might find a new friend!


Adopt a Student

Many students are struggling with the stress related to COVID-19. Their school may be closed, affecting their school and personal lives. Reach out to a student in need and offer help on homework, or simply lend an ear for them to relieve some weight*. Students of all ages need someone to lean on from time to time. Connect with your feeder elementary/middle school and build a new community to help alleviate the traumatic feelings these students may be going through. This on-going service project introduces problem solving skills and builds a connection with others.
*Connect with your local crisis hotline for more assistance if needed.


Start a Book Club

Create a weekly book club for younger students or for an elderly care facility. You could virtually hold a classroom for students to participate in a fun reading activity or read a chapter a week of a classic to the elderly. Reading to others promotes literacy and joy!


Transcribe a Lesson

If your school is requiring teachers to record their classroom lessons, you could volunteer your time afterschool to transcribe the lessons. Transcribing a lesson could help students better understand the material through two forms of learning: listening and reading.


Create Learning Videos

Create a “How To” series for your topic of choice! This could be “Guitar Basics” or “An Introduction to Drawing 3-D Objects” or “Steps to Creating Your First D&D Character.” These videos tap into the student's creativity and promotes 21st-century skills.

Click here for organizations that offer virtual volunteering opportunities!


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