Tri-M Merchandise

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Certificates and Member Cards

  • Member Cards
  • Membership Certificates
  • Senior Division Certificates
  • Junior Division Certificates
  • Honorary Member Packet
  • Alumni Cards
  • Ceremony Invitations

Patches and Chapter Supplies

  • Member Patch
  • Specialty Patches
  • Tri-M Magnet
  • Tri-M Charm
  • Banner
  • Ribbons

Pins and Seals

  • Advisor Pins
  • Senior Division Pins
  • Junior Division Pins
  • Alumni Pin and Card set
  • Diploma Seals

Shirts and Polos

  • Tri-M Branded T-Shirts
  • Tri-M Embroidered Polos

Graduation Memorabilia

  • Tri-M Graduation Honor Cords
  • Tri-M Graduation Honor Stole
  • Tri-M Graduation Medallion
  • Tri-M Graduation Tassel